[Rmannounce] Pre-Masked Genomes Update - Human, Mouse, Cow, Zebrafish, and Opossum

Robert Hubley rhubley at systemsbiology.org
Tue Jul 14 17:29:12 PDT 2009

Today we updated the Pre-Masked Genomes page ( 
http://www.repeatmasker.org/cgi-bin/AnnotationRequest ) with the latest 
runs of RepeatMasker ( RM-3.2.8 and db-20090604 ) on the genome 
assemblies hg19 (Human), bosTau4 (Cow), danRer6 (Zebrafish), and monDom5 
(Opossum). The complete annotation sets are also available for these 
genomes as compressed files by following a link from the above page.

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