[Rmannounce] RepeatMasker and RepeatMasker Libraries Updated

Robert Hubley rhubley at systemsbiology.org
Thu Aug 7 14:50:18 PDT 2008

RepeatMasker open-3.2.6 was released ( 
http://www.repeatmasker.org/RMDownload.html ) along with an updated set 
of repeat libraries ( RM-20080801,
including sequences up to RepBase 13.06 ). This release includes some 
repeat subclass nomenclature changes:

     Charlie     -> hAT-Charlie,      Fot1        -> TcMar-Fot1,
     MER1_type   -> hAT-Charlie,      MER2_type   -> TcMar-Tigger,
     MaLR        -> ERVL-MaLR,        Mariner     -> TcMar-Mariner,
     Pogo        -> TcMar-Pogo,       Tc1         -> TcMar-Tc1,
     Tc2         -> TcMar-Tc2,        Tc4         -> TcMar-Tc4,
     Tigger      -> TcMar-Tigger,     Tip100      -> hAT-Tip100, and
     hAT_Tol2    -> hAT-Tol2.

Also note that the *.tbl output file also reflect these changes.

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